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Path of the True Self

Finding wholeness through connecting to one’s essential nature

When you learn how to listen,

Life Becomes Your Teacher

In childhood, I learned to abandon myself in favor of serving my damaged mother’s neurotic fears and desires. Years of playing out learned patterns of toxic thought and behavior caused me to hit bottom.

At that point, I embarked upon a path of seeking that eventually led me back to the wisdom of my own heart. Metaphorically, I am the prodigal child who left her (spiritual) home and lost her (spiritual) inheritance. With help, I found my way back to the truth of my own soul.

I am an E M P A T H
Here’s how my client benefits…


Discover the source of your power

You will learn to free yourself from disempowering patterns of thought and behavior and connect to the unlimited source of strength within.


Be a Spiritual Mother to your Inner Child,

You will learn to become your strongest ally, your own source of encouragement and support, regardless of circumstances.


Claim your birthright!

Passion is your birthright. You will learn to connect to your heart’s passion and in so doing, find healing, happiness and self-realization.


Step into the magic of your essential nature

You will learn to witness and appreciate the beauty of your unique essence, which is your True Self.


Know your Truth; Speak your Truth; Live your Truth

You will learn what is true and not true for your own life and make supporting that Truth your highest priority.


Your one, true sanctuary & home.

You will learn to connect to the wisdom of your heart, which is your source of insight, abundance, tranquility and joy.

Be Yourself.
Accept Yourself.
Value Yourself.
Love Yourself.

Negative beliefs about myself, absorbed in childhood, became the root of self-betraying behaviour patterns that threatened to destroy me physically and mentally as an adult.

Hitting bottom taught me that self-acceptance is not a luxury but a necessity.

Starting from scratch, I slowly rebuilt my life.  My personal experiences, trials and victories helped me create the template for a thriving life.  I am here to pass along this precious information to my ideal client.

Mentor: Somebody who allows you to

See the beauty in yourself

Dr. Joseph Murphy was my godfather and a Jesuit priest, until a near-death experience inspired him to leave the church. He became the founder of the Church of Divine Science and the author of many bestselling books including, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind.

Dr. Joseph predicted that I would become a writer, counselor, teacher and mystic, but being raised by a mentally unstable mother and losing my supportive father when I was only twenty-one caused me to lose my mystical connection. This, in turn, led to a series of dysfunctional marriages, financial struggles and children with health challenges.

In search of solutions, I became a Reiki Master and Certified, Clinical Hypnotherapist and discovered a natural gift for healing. With counseling as my intention, I became an Interfaith Minister, serendipitously studying with Rabbi Joseph Gelberman, who had been Dr. Murphy’s east coast counterpart.