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Path of the True Self
Finding wholeness through connecting to one’s essential nature

Love being you

Embrace your “you”ness
Sessions are relaxed. They are approximately an hour and a half in length and take place in person whenever possible, or over the phone or via Zoom.

The first third or so of the session is unstructured (although we will often begin with a meditation) as we explore events and moods in my client’s life and choose a direction to travel in, spending the majority of our time exploring the issue or issues we’ve uncovered. We close the session with a strategy for healing and growth, which will occasionally include some gentle ‘homework’ assignments to assist the process.

The things you are passionate about

are not random, they are your calling
Increased vitality, greater joy and the awakening of multiple forms of creativity are among the benefits you will experience.

You will also experience a new perspective on life and living that will result in new strategies for solving problems, more positive ways of viewing life-events and even “aha” moments – moments of crystal clarity where former mysteries suddenly reveal themselves as part of a pattern and thus make perfect sense.

Most of all, you will begin to realize how perfect your life really is and has always been.

Just by being yourself, you put something useful into the world.
My ideal client is sensitive, gifted and creative. They are a spiritual seeker, determined to realize their potential in terms of the external world and, more importantly, in keeping with the agenda of their soul.

The door is wide open, don’t go back to sleep

– Rumi
I am caring, intuitive and spiritually aligned, all of which add up to being deeply attuned to my client.

The benefit for the client is that they feel heard and understood and – more than that – because I am an active listener, I am alert for the jewel of information that my client will (always) inadvertently drop in my lap.

When this happens, I polish that jewel and hold it up to my client’s eyes so they can see and appreciate the beauty of their own soul.