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There is a wonderful affirmation that says, “I have enough.  I do enough.  I am enough.”  I’ve worked with that affirmation many times over the years but underlying the words, there was always the opposite feeling: “I need more [whatever] in my life.”  “I should probably do more [whatever] in order to consider myself a successful person.”  “Once I master [whatever] I will be good enough, but not until then.”

A few days ago, I began to wonder if perhaps I hadn’t set the bar too high.  Or worse, set it somewhere completely outside myself – comparing myself to admirable people out in the world who appear to have accomplished so much.  What if the standard by which I’ve been judging myself is completely wrong?

Is it possible that it is enough that I am in reasonably good health and that all my basic needs are met?  Is it perhaps enough that my life’s deepest passion is self-realisation – a pursuit that can never, ever, no matter what, be validated by the world?  Is it possibly enough that I take care of the most important things in my life, even if there is lots more I could be doing?  And I wonder… is it enough that I have never taken an action to deliberately harm another living being, and that I may even have been occasionally helpful to someone here and there along the way?    

Through grace, for a period of about twenty-four hours, thinking along those lines, I was able to be at peace and to live in a state of complete satisfaction with who I am, what I have and what I both do, and don’t do in my life.  It was my happiest day in recent memory.  

I’m going to retrain my way of thinking so that I have more days like that.