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Path of the True Self
Finding wholeness through connecting to one’s essential nature

Individual & Couples Counseling

I offer counseling for both individuals and couples.

Sessions are approximately 90 minutes in length, $150 per session – payable through PayPal or Venmo – and will take place in person if possible, or over the phone or via Zoom. Sliding scale, upon request.

Your heart knows things

Your mind can’t explain
The backbone of my practice: Individual, spiritual counseling sessions for people like myself, looking to work through specific issues (e.g., physical or emotional illness, divorce, bereavement, life changes, loss or upheaval).
Relationship Counseling
This can be for married people, domestic partners or any two people looking to improve their relationship (e.g., mother and daughter). I work with each person individually as well as the two, together.
I am available for public speaking engagements.
Details available upon request.