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Path of the True Self
Finding wholeness through connecting to one’s essential nature

Do you hear

Your life calling to you?
Spiritual Counseling is a holistic approach to life and its challenges that takes into account not just the body and mind of the individual but also the soul.

It focuses on the relationship of the individual to their true essence and connection to the Universal life force, thereby helping the individual to tap into the power of that connection.

Your heart knows things

that your mind cannot explain
Spiritual Counseling is not a quick fix, although there are times when it appears miraculous. It does not seek short-term solutions in the material world.

It focuses on wholeness and expansion, healing and personal growth from which material benefits are a natural by-product.

She believed she could,
so she did
My ideal client is sensitive, gifted and creative. They are a spiritual seeker and someone who is determined to realize their potential in terms of success in the external world and, more importantly, in keeping with the agenda of the soul.

The universe has shaken you

To awaken you
My ideal client will almost certainly contact me during a time of transition and change in their life. This may be because of a divorce or loss of a job. Someone close may have died or their house may have gone up in flames.

Perhaps they have just turned fifty and are spiraling into a depression over where they are in life at this landmark time.

Whatever the specifics of the situation, my client is experiencing pain or fear or uncertainty – perhaps all three. They are looking for someone to help them heal and to guide them in creating a new life. I would like to be that person.